zondag 22 mei 2011

One foot on shore, on foot in the sea

Ugh, I definetely hate my final exams! Still five to go, all this week, and then I'm finally done. I'll be back next week, so stay tuned. For everyone who has exams too, good luck!

donderdag 5 mei 2011

Festival wishlist

Hi guys, you might have noticed that I'm not posting that much, it's because I'll have my final exams in two weeks. I'm learning every day all day long, just to be sure I'll graduate :) Two weeks ago I finally got a job at a garden centre, so I'm busy with working too. Also two weeks ago I turned eighteen, and after my final exams I'll study and practice for my driving licence! At the end of summer I'm going to move to Rotterdam, and live there on my own. I'm so excited about everything but I'm also very busy (yes, I know I say that in every post! It's just true, I'm always busy, haha). I'm looking forward to the summer and the festivals I'm going to. Here is my summer/festival wishlist :)